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We know how valuable your time is, as is ours…   So, with that in mind, instead of breaking the murals down into just a few main categories, we broke it down even further to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and to quickly be able to navigate to that section. 

There are some designs and elements in our murals that are crossovers, so you may find it helpful (and fun) to look at the other sections as well. You will see a wide array of design ideas to fit any budget.  Although each mural is different, you will find the same attention to detail and dimension in each one.  Remember to check Themes and New Murals,” as these do cover all categories.  You can also visit our Facebook Page for the most recent work!

Boys Bedroom Murals This section is chock full of things that boys love, such as:

  1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

  2. Truck and Construction Sites

  3. Fantasy (castles, dragons, knights and damsels in distress)

  4. Fun Animated Characters (usually playing some type of sport)

  5. Baseball and Football Fields

  6. Nascar and Indy Cars

  7. Treehouses and Clubhouses

  8. Pirate Ships

  9. Wilderness (including log cabins)

  10. Circus w/ Clowns

Farm & Forest Murals This section incorporates both realistic and “friendly” farm and forest animals in a variety of landscape settings.  Some things you’ll see here are:

  1. Horses

  2. Pigs, Cows and Chickens

  3. Barns and Tractors

  4. Deer and Bears

  5. Owls and Raccoons

  6. ... and even Puppies

Nursery and Toddler Murals As the title suggests, this section is geared toward newborn babies and toddlers and is mostly gender neutral, although you will see some gender specific murals as well. The nursery murals you see here are enjoyed well into the toddler years.  This section includes things like:

  1. Nursery Rhymes and Alphabets

  2. Teddy Bears, Clouds and Moons

  3. My Original Whimsical Characters

  4. Animated Stuffed Animals

  5. Noah’s Ark

  6. Bedding Match Themes

Girls Bedroom MuralsThis section is ALL girls!  Although you’ll see some nursery murals scattered throughout, these murals have been created to last well into grade school.  This section includes things that girls love, like:

  1. Trees, Flowers and Butterflies

  2. Castles and Princesses

  3. Storybooks and Fairytales

  4. Picket Fences and Scenery w/Horizons

  5. Horses

  6. Fun Animated Characters

  7. Carousels

  8. Large Colorful Patterns

Sea Life & Underwater MuralsJust about anything you can find in the water will be here.  From nurseries to “big boy” or “big girl” rooms, these customers just love sea life!  Here you’ll find:

  1. Lots of Dolphins, Whales and Sharks

  2. Stingrays and Jellyfish

  3. Sea Turtles

  4. Manatees (Mamma w/her adorable baby)

Safari & Jungle Murals This section includes many of the wild animals you can imagine you would see on a Safari or in a Jungle setting.  Here you will see many different styles of murals – from the animals to the landscapes.  Some are realistic, some more “kid-friendly,” some with a lot of background and some with minimal backgrounds.  They include:

  1. Elephants and Giraffes

  2. Zebras, Lions, Leopards and Panthers

  3. Chimps and Orangutans

  4. Lemurs and Toucans

Bathroom Murals Not much to question here, but these children’s bathrooms, powder rooms and main baths all have different themes, some of which include:

  1. Bubbles, Bubbles and More Bubbles

  2. Lots of Fun Animated Characters

  3. Windows and Landscapes

  4. Sea Life

  5. Beach Scenes and Swam Scenes

  6. Matching Patterns from Shower Curtains, etc.

Kitchen & Dining Room Murals Whether you’re looking for accents above your cabinets and around the room, or a detailed mural on a full-sized wall, these are just a few ideas our customers liked – from rolling Tuscan Hills to favorite oil paintings.  Some things included here are:

  1. Scenery Vignettes

  2. Vines and Grapes

  3. Various Soffit Borders

  4. Faux Stone Work

  5. Faux Metallic Ceiling Tiles

  6. Castle Interior (complete with hanging tapestry, stonework and an open ceiling looking into the night sky)

Sky & Space Murals If you’re looking to have a sky painted on your ceiling, this section will give you different ideas and styles to choose from, including:

  1. Deep Blue or Powder Blue Sky

  2. Puffy, Wispy or Cartoon-Like Clouds

  3. Space Shuttles and Rocket Ships

  4. Planets and Galaxies


Kids Playroom Murals As implied, these are fun rooms for kids to play, play, play.  Since our murals can actually change the mood in a room, we believe children are inspired to be even more creative when surrounded by a creative environment.  A few of the themes included here are:

  1. Backyard Garden (insects and all ...)

  2. Representations of Favorite Activities

  3. Basement Clubhouses and Hiding Places

  4. Windows Overlooking Fairies Playing in the Fields

  5. Bright, Colorful Circus Animals

  6. Dinosaurs and Castles

  7. an “animal parade”   ... and much more

Themed Room Murals As indicated by the title, this section is focused on specific mural themes.  While most of our murals are generally centered around a theme, we have chosen a few to give you a more detailed look of the full mural.  This section currently includes the following:

  1. A Day in Paris (Ooh La La)

  2. Kevin’s Tiki Hut

  3. Spring Has Sprung

  4. Rain Forest

  5. Pirates Cove

  6. The Dragon Slayer

  1. Animal Sanctuary

  2. Cow-a-Bunga

  3. Little Sports Fans

  4. Bubble Fishies

  5. Nature’s Best


Murals for Teens & Tweens Sophisticated, industrial, passionate or just plain fun.  These rooms have been designed for the “hardest to please” crowd.  Although, not the case with our young clients, as they have all been quite pleased with the final results in their rooms.  It’s such a personal space that can really reflect their personalities and moods.  Since these rooms are a little harder to explain, we’ll let you see for yourself what some of our young clients are requesting…

Murals for Special Rooms These rooms just didn’t fit into a specific category, and have been custom-designed around the customer’s passion, so we have placed them on their own.  They include things like:

  1. Basements and Wine Cellars

  2. Patina Ceilings

  3. Living Rooms and Foyers

  4. Reading Lofts

  5. Trompe l’oeil Stairways and Walkways

  6. Media Rooms

  7. Indoor Pools (outdoor pools can be seen in our Business Section)

  8. ... and even Laundry Rooms!

NEW Murals  —  This section is continually changing, there is no order, it’s simply a sampling of my latest works.  As you can see...

The Possibilities Are Virtually Limitless!

Business and Commercial Murals This section represents some of the work I have done over the years for Commercial, Corporate and Private Businesses.  Although the majority of my work is done in Private Residences, I enjoy the challenge of bringing special ambiance to individual businesses as well.  Some examples of these include:

  1. Local Businesses (Restaurants and Specialty Stores)

  2. Private and Public Schools

  3. Corporate Offices

  4. Neighborhood Pools

  5. Photography Studios

  6. Furniture Stores and Children’s Boutiques

  7. Family Fun Entertainment Centers

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