"… My husband loves it so much he turns on the light in the room at night to "show off" the nursery to people walking down the street.  We couldn't be happier… ”

    "… You were able to take our basic ideas and turn them into exactly what we envisioned and more…  
I love it, I love it, I love it!! ”

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    "In a word, WOW!!! … 
I would have to say that he is very professional, his price very appropriate, and he is a joy to work with... ”

All murals designed and painted by Ken Markiewicz, Professional Chicago Muralist, Mural Artist

Located in Naperville, Serving Chicago and Chicagoland Area

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    "… My husband loves it so much he turns on the light in the room at night to "show off" the nursery to people walking down the street.  We couldn't be happier… ”
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    "… Ken's work went beyond my expectations…
I received quotes from other muralists as well as sketches and no other person came close to the quality Ken provided… ”

  1. 1.How much does a mural cost?

  2. This is a difficult question to answer, as each mural is unique in design.  Pricing is based on the project itself, and is worked out with each client individually.

  3. Choosing a muralist is a personal choice.  Murals are not mass-produced, and the look, quality and pricing differs among each artist.  Ultimately, while price is a consideration, it is not the only one.  There are other factors that determine value, and only you can decide which of these are important.  I would recommend choosing the muralist whose work you like the best, and go from there.

  4. 2.I’m not sure exactly what I want – can you give me some ideas?

  5. Yes.  It's great if you already know or at least have a general idea.  But, if not, we can certainly help you decide.  Just share your thoughts and ideas with us, and we’ll let you know what we think would work best.  We can give you suggestions, based on our discussions.

  1. 3.I see a lot of children's rooms in your Portfolio, do you paint other types of murals too?

  2. YES, ABSOLUTELY!!   Although a large portion of our portfolio consists of children's rooms, we’ve been doing more with Businesses and Schools, for the past several years.   The Gallery has many different categories.  Our work doesn't get added to the website immediately, so if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask.  Although, if you like the work you see here, we’re confident you’ll like one that’s personally designed for you or your business.

  1. 4.How long will it take to paint the mural, and does someone have to be home?

  2. It depends on the design you choose.  Jobs vary anywhere from one day on up, depending on the size of the room, the amount of wall coverage and how much detail the design requires.  On average, most jobs are completed within 1-4 days.  It's not necessary for someone to be home the entire time it takes to complete the mural.  However, we do prefer to have someone there for a short period of time on the first day to go over any changes and approve final designs.

  1. 5.What type of paints do you use and how durable are they -- will the paint come off when I wash the walls

  2. We’ve always used Benjamin Moore wall paints and continue to do so.  We believe in quality, and have chosen not to cut corners by using “lesser quality” paints.  Benjamin Moore is a very durable paint and offers great coverage with rich, brilliant colors.

  1. The paint will not come off with normal washing.  As with any paint, scrubbing abrasively might cause some damage, but not with normal washing.

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  1. 6.Is it necessary for me to paint the room first?

  2. Generally, starting with a fresh coat of paint will help with the longevity and durability of the mural.  We usually recommend a fresh coat (eggshell finish for walls and flat for ceilings), since you won't be able to effectively paint around it once completed.  However, it is not always necessary -- depending on the condition of the existing walls.

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  1. 7.Do I need to move the furniture out of the room?

  2. It’s very helpful and sometimes necessary.  We do ask that you remove any loose items on the floor and any small items that could be broken.  It’s really to your advantage -- by providing you with more painting time by not having to cover furniture and/or maneuver around it.

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  1. 8.Can you match colors to specific bedding?

  2. Yes, indeed...  A piece of the fabric, or the actual bedding, works best.  Sometimes the colors in pictures can be deceiving.  We have often designed an entire room, based on the bedding itself.

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  1. 9.How soon can I have my mural painted?

  2. It depends -- things change on a daily basis.  Even if we’re booked out for a few months, there are usually openings scattered throughout.  Just let us know when the ideal time would be for you to have your mural completed by, and we’ll do our best to make that happen.  If your room needs repainting, it's a good idea to have that done, as soon as possible, so it's ready to go.  At this time we do not offer standard base painting, only the artwork. 

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  1. 10.How far do you travel?

  2. We live in the Naperville, IL / Aurora area, and  travel to the Chicagoland area on a regular basis.  Anything beyond that is considered on an as needed basis.