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Murals designed and led by Ken Markiewicz, Professional Chicago Muralist, Mural Artist

Located in Chicago’s Western Suburbs, Serving Chicago and Chicago  Suburbs

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Special Spaces

      Special Spaces creates dream bedrooms for children

      with life-threatening medical conditions.

    Many of the room makeovers can be seen

    on our Facebook Page.

    Under Photo Albums...



Make-a-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Chicago Cares

Chicago Cares builds volunteer experiences that mobilize and inspire people to make

Chicago a stronger community.

To see rooms as they are completed...

JAN  –   Kobe’s Room  “Gone Fishing”  (Nashville)

JAN  –   Connor’s Room  “Mater”   (Milwaukee)

JAN  –   Catharine’s Room  “Serenity Garden” 

FEB  –   Samuel’s Room  “Imaginext Adventure”

FEB  –   Tristin’s Room “Tie-Dye Magic”

FEB  –   Joey’s Room  “Monster Jam”  (Detroit) 

FEB  –   Claire’s Room “Circus Jungle” (Philly)

MAR  –  Julissa’s Room  “Sophisticated Cheetah” 

MAR  –  Anna’s Room “It’s a Jungle in Here” (Philly)

MAR  –  Samiyah’s Room  “Tiffany Blue”

APR  –   Luca’s Room “Outer Space”

MAY  –  Ella’s Room “Enchanted”

JUL   –  Evan’s Room “Cars”  (Tri-Cities)
JUL   – 
Sara’s Family Room “Bonsai”

AUG  –  Austin’s Playroom “Minecraft Mania” (Milwaukee)

SEP  –  Ashley’s Hang Out “Bird Whimsy”

OCT  –  Lanecia’s Room “Circus of Dreams” (Cleveland)
OCT  – 
Matthew’s Room “Rain Forest”

NOV  –  Chris’ Room “Mario Meets Angry Birds”
NOV  – 
Letty’s Room “Pretty Pretty Princess”
NOV  – 
William’s Room “Birch Heaven”

DEC  –  Carter’s Room “Stunt Clowns” (Indianapolis)

2016 Annual Serve-a-Thon          Shields Elementary School

                                                                            [ School Playground Murals ]

2015 Annual Serve-a-Thon          James N. Thorp Elementary School

                                                                            [ Main Office Welcome Sign ]

2014 Annual Serve-a-Thon          Bowen High School

                                                                            [ Stairwell Landings, 2nd & 3rd Floors ]

2013 Annual Serve-a-Thon          Farragut Career Academy

                                                                            [ Entryway Stairwell ]

2012 Annual Serve-a-Thon         Betsy Ross Elementary School

                                                                            [ School Playground Murals ]

2011 Annual Serve-a-Thon         Hamilton Elementary School

                                                                            [ School Auditorium Murals ]

2010 Annual Serve-a-Thon         Newton Bateman Elementary School

                                                                            [ School Library Mural ]

2009 Annual Serve-a-Thon         Hendricks Elementary School

                                                                            [ School Auditorium Mural ]

JAN  –   Brooklyn’s Room “Little Princess” (Milwaukee)
JAN  –   Oliver’s Room “Disney Wonderland” (Milwaukee)
JAN  –   Owen’s Room “Backyard Fun” (Milwaukee)

FEB  –  Isaac’s Room “Monster Trucks”

MAR  –  Carter’s Room “Mustang Mania”

APR  –  Marshall’s Room “Biggest Bulls Fan”

APR  –  Brannon’s Room “Batman/Branman”

MAY  –  Devon’s Room “Spaced Out”

MAY  –  Avonte’s Room  “A Touch of Mickey”

JUN  –  Sera’s Room “Watercolor Castle”

AUG  –  Jude’s Room “Spidey”

SEP   –  Charlie’s Room “Lego Piano Man”
  –  Brooke’s Room “Little and Littler Mermaid”

OCT   –  Owen’s Room “AL Crimson Tide”

NOV   –  Marian’s Room “Frozen”

DEC   –   Ella Joy’s Room “A View for a Princess”

JAN  –   Kaleb’s Room “Robots” (Milwaukee)
JAN  –   Steven’s Room “Minecraft” (Milwaukee)
JAN  –   Hayden’s Room “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” (Milwaukee)

FEB  –  Cody’s Room  “Home Run”

APR  –  Sophia’s Room “Royal Makeover”

MAY  –  Sam’s Room “Sam’s Dolphin Tale”

JUN   –  Makayla’s Room “Giraffe Love”
JUN   –  Joel’s Room “Turtle Power” (Milwaukee)

JUL   –  Jack’s Room “A Home Run for Jack”
JUL   –  Gavin’s Room “Gavinville”
JUL   –  Charlie’s Room “Star Wars - Millenium Falcon” (Milwaukee)
JUL   –  Cailinn’s Room “A Unicorn for Cailinn” (Milwaukee)

AUG  –  Mirabel’s Room “Mirabel in Wonderland”
AUG  –  Ally’s Room “Angelic Ally”

SEP  –  Jesse’s Room “Boy Cave”
SEP  –  Simon’s Room “Simon Says... Superheroes”

OCT  –  Ty’s Room “Ty-rannosaurus”
OCT  –  Leonard’s Room “Shecky’s Legos”
OCT  –  Isaac’s Room “Fishing w/Minecraft Steve”

DEC  –  Emma’s Room “Sparkles, Trees, Butterflies and Clouds”