Walkers Charhouse

8 W. Gartner Road

Naperville, IL

Ph:  (630) 637-9688                                                       


Crayons Gone Wild! is all about lifting people’s spirits and putting smiles on their faces. So when Cheryl and Larry Stubitsch of Walker’s Charhouse called and told us what they were looking to do, we knew it was something we could make happen in their restaurant.  We got together and talked over ideas of how to give the restaurant a “face-lift” while still keeping the familiar, downtown Naperville feel about it.  We are both small business owners in Naperville who appreciate its historic value.  We also know how hard it can be to run a small business, and we love to support our fellow business owners whenever possible.  When all was said and done, we ended up combining a bit of historic Naperville, with a little imagination and “presto” we had our mini makeover.  As you can see from the photos, we incorporated some old and some new Naperville sites to make those who have been visiting Walker’s for years feel comfortable and at home, while at the same time, introducing new patrons to the charm and history of downtown.

The mural includes portions of the Riverwalk with the popular covered bridge,

dandelion fountain and Carillon. 

On the other side, you’ll immediately recognize the almost 100 year old St. Peter & Paul Parish and School with its beautifully familiar steeple.  Walker’s Charhouse has been situated atop a beautiful countryside overlooking a little village nestled in the valley.  If you look closer, you’ll see that the village is indeed Naper Settlement.

I have to say, that during the process, I met a lot of really nice people. 

All of the feedback has been very positive and very appreciative!

It is now a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere with a lot of character and Naperville charm. 

Mission complete!

Bring some character to your business!

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