LuLu’s Real FroYo

1147 N. Eola Road, Suite 102

Aurora, IL 60502

Ph:  (630) 299-3854

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(630) 778-0929

All murals designed and painted by Ken Markiewicz, Professional Chicago Muralist, Mural Artist

Located in Chicago’s Western Suburbs, Serving Chicago and Chicagoland Area

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Family-owned frozen yogurt shop.  Lulu’s FroYo was designed to feature delicious flavors of frozen yogurt made with REAL cultured pasteurized nonfat yogurt with live and active cultures.

A “Good for You” Delicious Treat!

Another great example of our totally

“Personalized” murals!

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Lulu’s was named after the owner’s sweet

South African Boerboel — the horrible, adorable Boerboel — the real Lulu loves yogurt, and all the kids in the neighborhood love Lulu. She’s one big muscle and a sweetheart with a taste for frozen yogurt.

Inspired by this idea, the owner wanted to portray her personality in the shop.  So, we created a caricature-likeness of her, added some of the neighborhood feel and her very own doghouse — with a slight twist on the traditional Beware of Dog sign!

Meet LuLu

“The horrible, adorable Boerboel.”