Kolssak Funeral Home

189 S. Milwaukee Avenue

Wheeling, IL  60090

Ph:  (847) 537-6600

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Crayons Gone Wild!  Murals

(630) 778-0929

All murals designed and painted by Ken Markiewicz, Professional Chicago Muralist, Mural Artist

Located in Chicago’s Western Suburbs, Serving Chicago and Chicagoland Area

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Founded in 1930, Kolssak Funeral Home is family-owned and operated and is located on the west side of the city of Chicago, in Wheeling, Illinois.  They work hard at changing the perception of the ordinary funeral, focusing on celebrating the life of your loved ones.  Beautiful outdoor grounds and their "theater of life" room offer many possibilities.

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A tranquil environment...

“A great funeral goes a long way in the healing process.”

During a recent renovation, Corey, from Kolssak Funeral Home, called to see if we could make an addition to an already existing mural which was created for them several years ago.  After looking at our online portfolio, he was confident that we could… and he was right!

Below you will see the area we painted, along with portions of the side walls, to demonstrate how seamlessly the murals flow into one other.