The goal behind this mural was to design the wall based on projects completed in art class.  The concept was to portray their rural town with both residential and farmlands. Each of the classes were given assignments of what to draw -- some had the school itself, others had houses, farms, animals, etc.  Several weeks before the mural was to be completed, we received a package with all of their wonderful works of art!!  After reviewing it all, Ken designed the mural and then chose all the pieces that would work best.  This was tough, as they were ALL so fun and unique!

Now, one might think this would be easy to paint -- because of the simplistic drawings -- but one would be mistaken!  LOL  In reality it wasn't at all.  Since it was important to keep the integrity of the children's artwork, it required around 40 different styles.  As the mural was coming to life, they would walk through the hallway, point out their piece of art and say, "look, that's mine." They were very curious and had many questions, which we were very happy to answer :)

John Shields Elementary School

Sugar Grove, IL

School Hallway Mural