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All murals designed and painted by Ken Markiewicz, Professional Chicago Muralist, Mural Artist

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Did you know that Jewel began as a small group of door-to-door salesmen selling tea and coffee from the back of horse-drawn wagons… Yep, way back in 1899. 

Flash-forward to present and they now employ more than 45,000 people!  They've certainly come a long way from tea and coffee :)

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Completed just in time for the June 25th Grand Opening of the new Jewel-Osco store, located in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. This is one of the many locations Jewel-Osco purchased, after Dominicks closed its doors back in December of 2013. 

As part of the renovation and rebranding,

this community room, entitled

The Scene in ROGERS PARK

was opened and will be available to the public for neighborhood meetings and other events. 

Before shot of Jewel-Osco community room in Rogers Park
After shot of Jewel-Osco community room in Rogers Park Chicago