A few years back, Chicago Cares painted a mural on one of Shields buildings shown here (to the right).  The buildings ended up needing to be repainted, so they had to paint over the mural. The kids and the Principal were very sad to see it go, so they asked if they could have it restored. 

It seemed a shame to let such a large canvas go to waste, so we brought back the owls and expanded it.  This fun, colorful mural now welcomes children as they walk out onto the playground.


Shields Elementary, Chicago, IL

School Playground Murals

Chicago Cares Serve-a-Thon 2016

We thought it would be nice to add something street-side too, so we designed this bright, cheerful mural to greet neighbors and guests visiting the school. With the help of volunteers, we were just about able to complete both murals in a day.  Then we came back the following day to make a few changes and put finishing touches on both.

While we were busy with our mural work, more volunteers painted a brand new playground map!